Farmworld offers a wide range of tillers to customers to in order to select the right product for their Farming need depended on the type of soil, type of crop and required depth.

Power Weeder

Tractor Operated


Farmworld offers a wide range of Groundnut Diggers to customers in order to select the right product for their harvesting need depending upon the type of soil, crop and required depth.

Groundnut Digger

Tractor Operated


Farmworld offers a wide range of Potato Planters to customer for their sowing needs depending upon the type of soil and user operation.

Potato Planter

About Farmworld

We Farmworld Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. are providing Farm Mechanisation Equipments under our Brand Name FARMWORLD to our clients and customers. With wide range of product portfolio we are contributing to agricultural growth of the world by providing innovative farm equipment.

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Our Vision is to Offer Farm Mechanization solution with quality implements in order to enhance agriculture income of our clients & customers.

Mr. Dhaval Tanti

Our Values

Quality Standards

We focus on superior quality to achieve outstanding robustness and resistance to wear. We take privilege to provide high value quality products to win the Trust of our customers with good result, benefits, satisfaction, profitability and the future of our growth.

Long Life

Farmworld products have Long Self Life as we keep strict surveillance by Expert team from procurement of raw material to finished products which maintains Long self life of products.

Quality Spares

The Profitability depends on choice of only genuine quality spares which ensures you to consistently get the same high quality performance as with your original equipment with 100% safety and precision to fit.

Round-the-Clock Service

Farmworld provide 24/7 - 365 Days efficient customer service, support and consultation through our specialist technician for innovative solutions resulting in value to the customer and company.

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July 25, 2020

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July 2, 2019

New Website Launch

Welcome to our brand new website. We have just launched our website so if you notice any bugs or want to give any feedback please feel […]
July 26, 2018

New products added to our Product Range

We are glad to announce addition of new products to our product range. Kindly check our products,

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